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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the question below to see an answer. Please note the use of the term "online" refers to tasks you complete over the internet.

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TopHow do I get a Login and Password to access the site?
Your login information is sent with your application package in the mail. To protect the privacy of the citizens of the Province, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is working toward a secure general login ID and password. You will be advised as changes occur.

TopWhat browser should I use to access this site?
This site requires a web browser capable of 128 bit encryption. It is strongly recommended to use Internet Explorer (version 6). Although Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been released it still contains some 'bugs' (i.e. use of tabs). Considering the Wildlife application uses tabs, it is suggested you refrain from using IE7 until a patch is available from Microsoft.

TopWhen I enter my Login and password, I did not get an "Invalid Login" message but the site will not load. Why?
Check your browser settings and ensure both "cookies" and "javascript" are enabled. If you have set your default security in your browser to a high level, this may have disabled these settings automatically (browser dependant).

TopIf I complete an online application, do I also have to submit my paper application?
No. Your application has been filed with Wildlife and will be processed in the upcoming draw process.

TopOnce I file my moose/caribou application online, can I view it immediately to check for correct information?
Yes and it strongly suggested you double check to ensure all application data is accurate. You can view your application information by selecting the Applications tab and then click on the appropriate application from the list.

TopCan an online application be entered with errors?
No. Your application information will be verified before it is accepted to ensure there are no errors with regards to the information provided. This includes checking to ensure the hunter(s) are permitted to take part in the annual hunt.

TopWho is responsible for verifying the information on my application?
You are! Everyone should validate the application information once they have successfully submitted it via the website.

TopCan I make changes to my moose/caribou application once it has been filed online?
Yes. You can change your application information up to the 'deadline' date. After that date no online changes will be permitted, but you will be able to view the details of your application online.

TopIf I send a paper copy of my application into Wildlife and I receive and Error Notice, can I correct the errors online?
Yes. Even though you did not file your application online, you can correct any misinformation online as long as it is before the deadline date for applications.

TopIf I receive an Error Notice from Wildlife after the deadline date, do I have an opportunity to correct it prior to the draw?
Yes. Any information changes required after the deadline date must be directed through the Wildlife offices.

TopWill I increase my chances of getting a moose/caribou license by applying online?
No. This process provides you with another option of filing your application for the annual draw. By filing it online, you are guaranteed that it will be error free.

TopCan I enter the same Area Choice more than once?
No. Contrary to popular belief, you do not increase your chances of getting a license for that particular area by entering it multiple times.

TopCan I pay for my moose/caribou license online?
Yes. Online payment of Big Game licenses is now accepted along with other types of payments.

TopCan I file my application for a Bear, Trapper or Moose/Caribou license(s) online?
Yes. The Wildlife website includes the ability to file Moose/Caribou, Bear and General Trapper Applications along with the necessary payments.

TopCan I share my login information (Login ID and Password) with other people?
No. Although we cannot control this, we discourage it. YOU are held accountable for any actions taken while your Login ID is accessing the Wildlife Information Management System via the internet.

TopCan you tell when I access the website?
Yes. We track all activity for the website, including people accessing the site.

TopCan I have my login information sent to me if I happen to forget it?
Yes. By contacting the Wildlife office and providing the appropriate information, your login information will be mailed to you. Due to the sensitivity of such information, it will not be given out over the phone.

TopCan I find any additional information on the website?
Yes. There is an extensive online Help screen that will provide you with a lot of valuable information for the moose/caribou application process.

TopShould I be using the BACK button on my browser?
No. To eliminate any potential issues with the submission of your online applications or payments,  we suggest you not use the BACK browser button. The screen has the necessary instructions to move you along in the process. Please remember that this is a complex process and it does take time. Just be patient and allow the application sufficient time to complete.

TopHow can I tell if I received a moose/caribou license through the draw process?
Once you logon to the WIMS website, click on the APPLICATIONS tab and then select the moose/caribou application for that year. The screen that is displayed will show you the complete details of that application, including the draw results.

TopIs there anyone else I can contact if I have other questions?
Yes. The staff at the Wildlife offices will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. For assistance call one of our offices during regular weekday working hours or email

Corner Brook
(709) 637-2025/2010

St. John's
(709) 729-2630

Can I modify my Bear application information once it is completed online?
No. Once your application has been successfully completed, it will be processed.

TopDo I have to pay for my Bear License when I file it online?
Yes. Bear applications require a payment before they can be processed and have a license issued.

TopCan I file a Beaver Trapper application online?
No. At this time the only trapper application that can be filed online is the General Trapper Application.

TopIf I no longer want to trap, do I have to file an application?
No, the only reason you would have to file an application is if you want to apply for a General Trapper license.

TopDo I have to pay for my Trapper License when I file it online?
Yes. General Trapper applications require a payment before they can be processed and have a license issued.

TopHow can I pay for my licenses online?
We have provided a means by which you can use a credit card (MasterCard or VISA) to pay for any wildlife application/license. If the application requires a payment, simply click on the in the status box next to your application and that will take you through the payment process. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation notice that you should print for your own records. If this process was successful, there will be a checkmark ( ) in the status box telling you that your application is ready to be processed by Wildlife.

When you are taken through the payment process, you will see an Information Tab that asks you to enter the name on the credit card, card number, type of card and expiry date. Once you complete that information, press 'continue'. Once you do that there is a transaction that is sent to the bank for verification of payment. Once there is a response received from the bank, you will see the 'status' message of your payment (i.e. Payment Accepted, Payment Could Not Be Processed, etc…). This is the Confirmation Tab and it should be printed as a receipt of your payment. This will show the amount of payment that will be charged to your credit card. When finished, please press continue to return to your application screen. Do not use the back button to navigate between screens unless directed to do so.

With any form of technology, there is a slight possibility that something may occur during the payment process that may prevent you from getting a reply from the bank (PC may cause an error, communication error, transmission error, no response from bank, and so on). This will produce a variety of error messages or you may even get a browser error that tells you the page cannot be displayed. It is suggested that you either go back to the main application screen or click 'continue'. DO not use the back button. Once you refresh the application screen (shift-F5) you will see either a $ (payment was not successful) and that will allow you to submit the payment again, or you will see the 'pending' payment symbol and that simply means you did not receive a response form the bank and Wildlife staff will look into it in the morning. You will not be double charged for the license. Once a license is paid for, you will see your status change to 'successfully submitted'.

TopWhat do all the payment symbols mean?
These symbols represent the status of your application.

  • Application successfully submitted: Application has been entered with all the necessary information and is ready to be processed for a license.
  • Application has Error(s): Application has errors and must be corrected in order to be processed. If it is still within deadline dates, this application can be modified online. If it is after deadline, then you must contact the Wildlife office to have errors corrected.
  • Payment is required: The application has been entered successfully but there is a payment required. This can apply to any online application whereby the process was ended prior to the payment being made. To make the payment, simply click on the payment symbol () and it will take you directly into the payment process. If completed successfully, the payment symbol () will be replaced with a successful symbol () meaning your application is ready to be processed.
  • Payment is pending: In a rare occasion, it is possibly that an error may occur during the online payment process. If your payment has been sent to the bank and there is no response received, then we put your application in pending status until the next day. At that time we will reconcile the payment depending on if the payment reached the bank. When you check back the next day, the pending symbol will be replaced with the payment symbol () meaning that the payment did not reach the bank and you will have to try again, or the successful symbol () meaning everything is fine and you application is ready to be processed.

TopWhat happens if I exit without paying for my Trapper or Bear application?
Your application will not be processed until the full payment has been made. You can enter the online Wildlife system and click on the $ to make any outstanding payment. Once that is done, your license will be issued.

TopCan I file a Guide Renewal Online?
Yes. All you have to do is login to the Wildlife website and select the 'guide renewal' tab. If you are not an active Guide then you will not be able to see this tab. If you feel that for some reason you should be a qualified guide and cannot see the tab, please contact Wildlife.

TopIf I no longer want to guide, do I have to file a renewal?
No. If you do not plan on being a guide for a specific year then you are not required to pay. When you login into the website, you will continue to see active links through which you can file your renewal. See the HELP screen for more information.

TopWhat happens if I decide to skip a year? Can I renew for future years?
Yes. Once you log onto the website after September 30th, you will have the ability to pay for your renewal for the next calendar year.

TopDo I have to pay for my guide renewal?
Yes. Guide license renewals require a payment before they can be processed and have a license issued.

TopWhat License Returns can I file online?
Moose, Caribou, Bear and Trapper License returns can be filed online. Guides will be added in the near future.

TopWhat do the License Return symbols mean?
These symbols represent the status of your License Return. These symbols will only be displayed for the current year and the past year.

  •  License Return has not been filed. User can click on the icon to begin the process.
  •  License Return successfully submitted.

TopWhy don't I see License Return symbols for all my Wildlife licenses?
You will only see 'license return' links for any license for the current year or previous year. All other licenses cannot have returns filed so you will not see the symbols.

TopCan I file my License Returns Online?
Yes. If you have been issued a license and have not yet filed a return for the past year or current year, then you are able to file this online. Simply click on the 'file return' link ( ), key your return information and click 'submit'. Keep in mind, the more information you provide, the more useful it is to wildlife management.

TopCan I edit my License Return once it has been filed?
No. Once your return is filed, you can no longer edit the information. If there is something you need to change, please contact Wildlife.

TopCan I delete my License Return once it has been filed?
No. Once your return is filed, you cannot delete the information. If there is something you need to change, please contact Wildlife.

TopI click a link on the return but nothing happens?
You must allow pop ups in order to file all related information. The calendar will allow you to select dates and the 'hunter activity' links open another window to enter information for your (and co-hunters) daily activity. It is suggested you configure your pop up blocker to allow 'pop ups' for this website. Instructions on how to do this can be found within the help section of your browser.

TopDo I need to complete a license return if I did not use the license?
Yes. Any person that has been issued a license is expected to complete the return portion of their license. You simply answer 'no' to the question regarding participation and then click 'submit'. This provides management folks with valuable information, including the level of participation.

TopWho is responsible for completing the return?
The person that receives the license is responsible for completing the return. In the case of moose and caribou licenses, the 'main' hunter is the only person that can access the return online.

TopWhen can I file my moose/Caribou license return online?
You file an online moose/caribou license return for a 'current year' license, or for a previous year license. The previous year license return can only be filed online until January 31st. After that date, all moose/caribou license returns must be filed by mail.

TopWhen can I file my Bear license return online?
You can file an online bear license return for a 'current year' license, or for a previous year license. The previous year license return can only be filed online until January 31st. After that date, all bear license returns must be filed by mail.

TopI am the co-hunter and cannot see the link to submit the license return. Why?
The co-hunter is eligible to hunt using this license but the main hunter is responsible for filing the return portion of the license. The same applies to payment, only the main hunter can file payment for the license online.

TopIf I file a moose/caribou/bear return and I have killed an animal, will my successful hunter crest/cap will be sent to me?
No. The crest (moose/caribou) and/or cap (bear) is only sent once we receive and process the jawbone (moose/caribou) and/or skull (bear).

TopWhen can I file my trapper license return online?
You can file an online trapper license return for a 'current year' license, or for a previous year license. The previous year license return can only be filed online until July 1st. After that date, all trapper license returns must be filed by mail.